Accessibility on tvOS

Apple TV comes with assistive technologies that open up the future of television to everyone. You can customize Apple TV specifically for your vision. Choose from a range of color filters, hear audio descriptions of movies and TV shows, or use Zoom to magnify menus and keyboards.


VoiceOver, the screen reader on all Apple platforms, interacts with objects in your apps so people can use an interface even if they can’t see it. Make sure that your user interface elements in your apps are accessible and work with VoiceOver.

Captioning and Audio Descriptions

tvOS lets users configure captions and audio descriptions during video playback. Use AVFoundation with built-in support for captioning and audio descriptions during the playback of media in your apps.

Display Customization

tvOS offers a range of features to customize the display, including Bold Text, High Contrast Cursors, Reduce Transparency, Dark Mode, and Reduce Motion. Use UIAccessibility APIs to detect when these settings are enabled so that your app behaves correctly.