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Use the latest capabilities to improve the discovery of your app on the App Store, and deliver high-quality app and in-app purchase experiences.

App Store product pages

Reach even more people on the App Store with new capabilities for your product pages in App Store Connect.

Custom product pages

Create additional versions of your app’s product page to highlight specific features or content, discoverable through unique URLs that you share. Custom product pages can have different screenshots, app previews, and promotional text — and are fully localizable — so you can showcase a particular sport, character, show, gameplay feature, and more.

Requires a minimum of iOS 15 or iPadOS 15.

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Product page optimization

Try out alternate versions of your app’s product page with different icons, screenshots, and app previews to find out which one gets the best results. Each version is shown to a percentage of randomly selected, eligible App Store users and results appear in App Analytics, so you can set the best performing one to display to everyone on the App Store.

Requires a minimum of iOS 15 or iPadOS 15.

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In-app events

In-app events are timely events within apps and games — such as a game competition, a new movie premiere, a livestreamed experience, and more. Your in-app events can be discovered right on the App Store, giving you a whole new way to showcase your events and expand their reach. People can discover events in personalized recommendations and editorial curation on the Today, Games, and Apps tabs, in search results, and on the app’s product page. Easily manage your events in App Store Connect, and view insights into how they’re performing in App Analytics.

Requires a minimum of iOS 15 or iPadOS 15.

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TestFlight on Mac

Invite internal and external testers to try out your Mac apps and provide feedback before publishing on the Mac App Store. When testing apps for any Apple platform, you can create multiple groups of internal testers and configure build access for each one. And internal testers of apps built with Xcode Cloud can select builds based on build groups.

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StoreKit 2

StoreKit 2 introduces powerful new APIs in Swift that make supporting in-app purchases and subscriptions easier than ever. StoreKit 2 uses Swift concurrency and JSON Web Signature to simplify how you retrieve product information and handle transactions. New APIs let you easily determine product entitlements, quickly get the history of all in-app purchase transactions for your app, find out the latest status of a subscription with one simple check, and more. And now you can provide more seamless support for in-app purchases with new APIs that let users request refunds and manage their subscriptions from within your app. You can take advantage of StoreKit 2 and test in Xcode and the App Store sandbox environment today.

Requires a minimum of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12, tvOS 15, or watchOS 8.

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App Store Server API

Support users and resolve in-app purchase issues more quickly with new App Store Server APIs.

  • In-App Purchase History. Get the history of in-app purchase transactions for your app.
  • Subscription Status. Determine whether a subscription is active, expired, in billing retry, or in billing grace period.
  • Consumption Information. Send information about a user’s in-app purchase to Apple when they request a refund, to help inform and improve the process.
  • Subscription Renewal Date Extension. Extend the renewal date of a user’s subscription by up to 90 days in cases of a service or content delivery issue — such as a server outage or cancellation of a live event.
  • Order ID Lookup. Confirm a user’s in-app purchase when providing customer support using the Order ID on the purchase invoice sent by Apple.
  • Refund Lookup. Identify whether a user received refunds for past in-app purchases.

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App Store Server Notifications

App Store Server Notifications provide real-time updates on your in-app purchases, so you can create customized experiences for your users. New notification types cover more user events, including subscription expiration, offer redemption, refunds, and more. You can also enter an optional URL to receive server notifications in the App Store sandbox environment, separate from the URL that you use for production.

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App Analytics

App Analytics in App Store Connect includes brand-new data to help you manage and grow your business.

New App Store features

Use App Analytics to understand key metrics about your in-app events — as well as custom product pages and product page optimization — so you can optimize your presence on the App Store.

New metrics

Measure overall performance more effectively with new metrics, including re-downloads, total downloads, proceeds data, average revenue per paying user, pre-orders, and updates. Each of these metrics are viewable by territory, device, and source type to let you easily determine what drives your app’s success and growth.

Data is available only from users who have agreed to share their diagnostics and usage information with app developers. Available for apps on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS.

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Game Center

Bring even more fun and connection to your games with Game Center, Apple’s social gaming network.

Friends API

With the Friends API, your app can request access to a player’s Game Center friends list to let them bring friends into your game. Help players go on missions together, compare scores, see friends on a progression map, and more.

Game Center widgets

Enabling Game Center for your app allows it to be included in new Game Center widgets and within additional game recommendations on the App Store.

Friends Are Playing. Players can find out which games their Game Center friends are playing to discover new games, right on the Home screen.

Continue Playing. Players can view their recently played games across devices, making it easy to pick up right where they left off.

Friends API: Requires a minimum of iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5, macOS 12, or tvOS 14.5.
Game Center widgets: Requires a minimum of iOS 15 or iPadOS 15.

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App Attest API

Part of the DeviceCheck services, the App Attest API helps protect against security threats to your apps by letting you generate a special cryptographic key on a device to validate the integrity of your app before your server provides access to sensitive data. Now you can use this API within your apps on tvOS 15 or later and App Clips on iOS 15 or later — reducing fraudulent use of your services on even more platforms.

Requires a minimum of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, or tvOS 15.

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App Store widget

This new widget includes stories and collections featuring developers, apps, and in-app events from the Today tab — right on the Home Screen.

Requires a minimum of iOS 15 or iPadOS 15.