Understanding the Status of Your Feedback

Feedback Assistant provides a status for each of your feedback reports, so you’ll have a better understanding of your report’s resolution status and know how many similar reports have been grouped with yours.

Recent Similar Reports

See how many similar feedback reports have been grouped with your report within the last year. This status will be set to None, Less than 10, or More than 10. As we refine our understanding of your feedback and as more feedback is received from others, this value may change. Any reports created in the last year are considered recent, since as reports age they are often less reproducible and less likely to be similar to new reports, even if the symptoms sound similar.


Track whether your feedback report is still being investigated, has a potential identifiable fix, or has been resolved in another way.

Potential Fix Identified – For a Future OS Update

There is a potential fix for the reported issue in a future OS update, which will usually be released in the next year. This resolution also includes the platform version and build number when it becomes available in a beta release.

Your report may be grouped with similar reports that initially seem to have the same root cause. However, similar reports may have multiple causes. If you find that the fix does not fully resolve your report even though it resolves similar reports, file a new report.

Investigation Complete – Change Required by a Third Party

The reported issue requires a third party to make changes in non-Apple software, hardware, or services to be resolved.

Investigation Complete – Works as Designed

The report describes behavior that occurs as designed.

Investigation Complete - Unable to Diagnose with Current Information

The reported issue cannot be further triaged or understood with the information provided.


You have marked your report as closed. You can mark a report as closed at anytime if you are no longer experiencing the issue. If you encounter the same issue after closing your report, submit a new report.