TestFlight Update

You can now submit apps built with Xcode 15.1 beta 3 using the SDK for iOS 17.2 beta 3, iPadOS 17.2 beta 3, macOS 14.2 beta 3, tvOS 17.2 beta 3, visionOS 1 beta 6, and watchOS 10.2 beta 3 for internal and external testing.


App Store Connect Update

The Apple sandbox environment lets you test in-app purchases on devices using the product information that you set up in App Store Connect. Now you can change a test account’s storefront, adjust subscription renewal rates, clear purchase history, and simulate interrupted purchase flows directly on your iPhone or iPad, in addition to in App Store Connect. You can also test Family Sharing using Sandbox Test Families in App Store Connect, allowing testers to share access to auto-renewable subscriptions and non-consumables with up to five test family members.

Learn about testing in-app purchases with sandbox.

Learn how to manage Sandbox Test Families in App Store Connect.

App Store Connect

App Store Connect API 3.1


Evaluate tester engagement and manage participation to help you get the most out of beta testing. View testers by engagement metrics, such as sessions, crashes, and feedback.

Learn about reading beta tester metrics.
Learn about reading beta build metrics.

Game Center

Create custom matchmaking rules for better matches between players. Test matchmaking rules before applying them and evaluate them with metrics.

Learn about matchmaking rules.
Learn about matchmaking metrics.

TestFlight 3.4.3

TestFlight 3.4.3 is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. This update includes stability improvements and bug fixes.

Specifically, an issue preventing users from accepting an invitation to test a beta app via redemption code was resolved. Testers on iOS 17.1, iPadOS 17.1, or later will need to use this latest version of TestFlight in order to accept an invitation via redemption code.

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App Store Connect

App Store Connect API 3.0

Game Center

Set up and manage all your Game Center features, like achievements and leaderboards.
Learn more.

Pre-orders by region

Configure specific regions where you’d like to offer your app for pre-order and set different release dates for each region.
Learn more.

Export compliance

Retrieve appEncryptionDeclarations (GET /v1/apps/{id}/appEncryptionDeclarations). Update the appEncryptionDeclarations for a build (PATCH builds/{id} with appEncryptionDeclarations in the payload.


The subscriptionStatusUrl v1 endpoint has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release of the API.

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TestFlight Update

You can now submit apps built with Xcode 15 beta 8 using the SDK for iOS 17 beta 8, iPadOS 17 beta 8, macOS 14 beta 6, tvOS 17 beta 8, visionOS beta 3, and watchOS 10 beta 8 for internal and external testing, with support for the following:

  • Tap to Present ID on iOS
  • Apple Pay Later Merchandising on iOS and iPadOS
  • Shallow Depth and Pressure on watchOS
  • VMNet on macOS
  • Sensitive Content Analysis on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS

In addition, TestFlight Internal Only distribution from Xcode is now supported.