Social Media

People expect to have quick access to their favorite social media accounts, regardless of the current context. iOS makes it easy to integrate social media interactions into your app, including sharing content and displaying an activity feed.

Don't ask people to sign in. iOS employs a single sign-on model for accessing social media accounts, so you can get authorization to access an account without requiring authentication. If the user isn’t signed into an account, you can display a system-provided interface that allows them to do so.

Make sharing easy. Many people enable share extensions that make it easy to post content from anywhere to their favorite social media services. These extensions are accessed by tapping a sharing button, usually in a toolbar, to display a list of available services. Selecting a service then displays a composition view. Whenever possible, prepopulate this view with content before presenting it for editing. For example, a photo app could attach the active photo, a travel app could add the current location, or a cooking app could insert a URL for a favorite recipe.

For information about implementing social media interactions in your app, see Social. To learn about designing share extensions other apps can use to post content to your social media service, see Sharing and Actions.