Equivalent of CLKComplicationTemplateGraphicCornerStackText in WidgetKit?

Trying to create a corner complication with curved text for watchOS 9. The documentation has pointed me to the ClockKit class CLKComplicationTemplateGraphicCornerStackText, but this is marked as deprecated since we are supposed to be moving to WidgetKit for everything. What would be the way to get this kind of curved text going forward?

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Well, annoyingly, you can't get curved text with WidgetKit right now - even though Apple's own complications have it. We're stuck with using the .accessoryCorner widget, which gives you a circle and a line of text (or a gauge, etc.).

I tried accessoryCorner and had several problems -- for one thing, I can only get a couple of letters in before it starts cutting off on that line of text; and for another, I have to apply an arbitrary ~0.65 scale to my progressview for it to not be too big for the corner view area.

I guess WidgetKit isn't quite ready for prime-time yet.