TestFlight NOT sending crash reports?!

According to this WWDC video: https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2021/10203/

Beta Apps delivered via TestFlight App to testers will automatically and nearly instantly send 🤣 Crash Reports to Xcode Organizer. And the documentation states that this will happen REGARDLESS of the device Send Diagnostic Data setting.

We have been using TestFlight for the last week and NOT ONE Crash report has been sent to either Organizer OR App Store Connect Test Flight dashboard. All we get are "Screenshots" with some typed feedback.

What is going on APPLE?!


same to our crash reports. As nobody seems to answer here in the forums.... i tryed to figure out how to manage this issues.. we also hat problems that some beta testers could not give feedback.

  • Yes too bad Apple purchased this service. When it was a paid service (which we happily paid for) there was someone you could report issues to and they had developers assigned to maintain the service... now who knows what happens to "feedback". Oh well, one can combine the distribution of TestFlight with the Crash Reporting and logging of Firebase Crashlytics ... also free.

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Thank you for letting us know you're not receiving crash reports. We believe that we have resolved this issue; you should start to receive crash reports going forward. If you continue to have trouble, please contact Apple Developer Support.

  • Not from where we sit.... see pictures below. No crash reports for ANY build in any place, not even the 20 or 30 we just generated... :)

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Thanks Apple for the response, but from where I sit there have been many crashes not still no crash reports?!