IOS 17 beta on iPhone 12 mini

Update after using the beta version of IOS 17 on a 12 mini for five days: The update is significant, but I am running through some issues, which is understandable.

  1. Each time I open iMessage and try to click on a profile so I can talk to Friends, the keyboard is above the text box, and I would have to reopen iMessage again to get rid of it.

  2. The keyboard would get stuck whenever I tried to search for something on Safari or any other search bar. I did have that problem on IOS 16.5, but that was a problem with my storage being almost full. when this happens the haptic response would be delayed

  3. Full screen. This is only a problem on websites, from what I have seen. When a video is playing, the full-screen button, looks like a dotted square or two diagonal arrows. When I click on them, they are not functional. I thought It was only on that one website, but I did experiment on 5. others, and it was all the same. Except when I refresh the website or close it and open it back up.

  4. Shortcuts This one was one of the most horrible updates because now it's a lot more complicated to create a shortcut, and almost everything is changed from the control buttons to the way it is set up. But one thing is for sure I haven't seen anything wrong with it. It just looked different.

  5. Glitches, I had this problem twice, but I would like to mention it because I have never seen one like this. The phone was in my pocket charging with a cable from my computer, and it accidentally called someone on face time. Of course, I tried to close it, and when I did, somehow the phone that charged at 23% went to 1%, then went on a loading screen turned back on, and every one of the app's logos turned white. Then it went back to normal. The second time I JUST HAD this problem while I was writing this line so it is concerning.

key problems: Fix full screen Fix glitches

Other than that it is all great and I love it.


Hey da bleibt dir wohl nix übrig auf Beta 2 zuwarten und hoffen das die Dinge gefixt wurden sonst weiter warten!

sonst downgrade auf 16.5 zurück und warten