Configure in-app purchase settings

Generate keys for in-app purchases

Generating an in-app purchase key allows Apple to authenticate and validate client-to-server or server-to-server requests related to in-app purchases, including App Store server APIs and promotional offers for auto-renewable subscriptions. In-app purchase keys are created for your account, and can be applied to multiple apps, individual apps, or individual in-app purchase products. You can have a maximum of 10 active subscriptions keys at a time. Keys don’t expire but can be modified once created.

Required role: Account Holder or Admin. View role permissions.

Generate an in-app purchase key

  1. From Users and Access, click on Keys and select In-App Purchase.

  2. Click Generate In-App Purchase Key.

    If you already have an Active In-App Purchase key generated, you will click the Add (+) icon to add more.

  3. Enter a name for the key. The name is used for your reference only and is not part of the key itself.

  4. Click Generate.

Once you generate an in-app purchase key, you won't be able to edit its name. If you need to make changes, revoke the key and generate a new one.

Download an in-app purchase key

In-app purchase keys are private and can only be downloaded once. After downloading the key, store it in a safe place. Remember to revoke a key immediately if it becomes lost or compromised and ensure that offers using this key are updated.

  1. From Users and Access, click on Keys and select In-App Purchase.

  2. Navigate to a key under the Active section, then click Download Key for the key you want to download. Keep in mind that keys can be downloaded only once.

  3. In the dialog, click Download.

Revoke an in-app purchase key

If you no longer want to use an in-app purchase key to validate your offers, you can revoke the key.

  1. From Users and Access, click on Keys and select In-App Purchase.

  2. On the top right, click Edit.

  3. Select the keys you want to revoke.

  4. On the top right, click Revoke Key, then click Revoke in the dialog. You won't be able to reinstate a key after it's been revoked.

If you revoke a key, be sure to update the offers using that key since customers won't be able to redeem offers associated with it. Any revoked keys from the past 30 days appear under the Revoked section of the In-App Purchase page.