Create an app record

View and edit app information

After you add an app to your account, you can view and edit the app information and platform version information in the My Apps section.

Some information is required before you upload a build or submit your app for review. You can edit some properties anytime and other properties only when the app status is editable. In addition, you can localize App Store information that appears on the App Store.

Learn about required, localizable, and editable properties for your app and app version.

Learn how to manage app metadata with the App Store Connect API.

Required role: Account Holder, Admin, App Manager, or Marketing. View role permissions.

  1. From My Apps, select the app you want to view. The page opens with the App Store tab selected.

    Tip: If you have several apps, you can use the toolbar controls to find an app.

    Top section of My Apps main page.
  2. In the sidebar, select the app version under the platform you wish to edit.

    You can localize the information that appears under Version Information. The information in the App Information section under General is shared across localizations. To learn more about a property, click the question mark next to the field, or go to Platform version information.

  3. To update information that’s shared across platforms, click App Information under General in the sidebar. To learn more about a property, click the question mark next to the field, or go to App information.

  4. Click Save.

I updated my app information. Why isn’t it displaying in some App Store countries or regions?

When you update your app’s metadata, it can take up to 24 hours to appear on the App Store.

How is my app searchable on the App Store?

Your app is searchable by app name, app subtitle, keywords, and your company name. Learn more about discovery on the App Store.