Unlisted app distribution

Release your apps that aren’t suited for public distribution as unlisted on the App Store, discoverable only with a direct link. Unlisted apps don’t appear in any App Store categories, recommendations, charts, search results, or other listings. They can also be accessed through Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager. Apps for specific organizations, special events, or research studies, or apps used as employee resources or sales tools are good candidates for unlisted distribution.

Distribute your app to:

  • Limited audiences (such as part-time employees, franchisees, partners, business affiliates, higher-education students, or conference attendees) through a standard link that’s usable on the App Store and Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager.
  • Employee-owned devices that aren't eligible to be managed through Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager.
  • All regions that are supported by the App Store.

Requesting an unlisted app link

You’ll need to submit a request to receive a link to your unlisted app. If your app hasn’t been submitted for review or was already approved for public download on the App Store, simply complete the request form. If your app was already approved for private download on Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, you’ll need to create a new app record in App Store Connect, upload your binary, and set the distribution method to Public before completing the request form. For details, visit Set your app’s distribution methods.

If your request is approved, your app’s distribution method will change to Unlisted App in the Pricing and Availability section of the app record, and will apply to any future versions of the app. You can then continue with the usual app release process.

Please note that unlisted apps must be ready for final distribution. Requests for apps in a beta or pre-release state will be declined.

Distributing your unlisted app

After approval, a link will be generated that can be used to access your app on the App Store and on Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. If your app is already available on the App Store, its current link will remain the same. If you decide to use a URL shortener, test the shortened link to ensure that it resolves correctly.

Unlisted apps are available to anyone who has access to the link. Consider implementing a mechanism within your app to prevent unauthorized use.