Gain Insights with Telemetry

Easily see how your CloudKit-enabled apps behave in your containers. Telemetry’s collection of charts measures the overall aggregate performance and reliability of your apps across all of your users’ devices. Use these intuitive visualizations to gain invaluable insights about your app’s server-side performance and utilization across databases and push events. And because it displays only aggregate data, Telemetry doesn’t expose information about individual behavior, keeping your users’ private data secure.

Development and production views

Accessible through the CloudKit console, Telemetry allows you to view metrics in either the development or production environment. The development view lets you visualize performance while you develop or update your app. For example, it shows you how certain features affect usability or how certain updates impact performance before you distribute your app. The production view lets you visualize how your app performs in the wild, allowing you to identify trends in user activity, such as peak hours or steep drop-offs in usage.

Data that matters

Telemetry’s comprehensive charts measure activity, such as the number of requests per operation type, number of errors, and number of push notifications sent over a selected period of time, as well as server latency and average request size. You can scope these charts to display only the data relevant to you. By giving you the ability to visualize and customize data presentations quickly and easily, Telemetry helps you better understand your apps’ traffic profile and identify trends. Learn more about CloudKit Database Telemetry and Push Notifications Telemetry.

Measuring performance

Learn how long it takes to process an operation you’re considering adding to your app. Understand the number of request types you’re sending as you start to build your app. Monitor app performance for spikes, drops, or changes in behavior as you release new versions. With Telemetry, you’re well-equipped to determine how best to improve user experience and streamline resource usage.

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