What’s New

iOS and iPadOS Apple Design Resources Updated

Updated iOS and iPadOS design kit including a Sketch Library, design templates, production templates, color and font guides, and more. The following changes have been made for Sketch and XD:

  • Text now uses SF Pro instead of SF Pro Text and SF Pro Display
  • Text now uses NY instead of NY Small, NY Medium, NY Large, and NY Extra Large
  • iPhone screen sizes now match iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 (390 by 844 points)
  • iPhone and iPad hardware bezels updated
  • Downloads for design templates (used to make comps) now separated from production templates (used to make assets)
  • Apple Pay design templates updated to iOS 15
  • Siri design templates updated to iOS 15
  • Apple Wallet design templates updated to iOS 15 and now include access key template
  • New button system for iOS added
  • iOS app icon production templates now include icon grid
  • System colors now include mint, cyan, and brown
  • iOS wallpaper updated
  • iPadOS dock updated
  • Appearance of notifications platter, icon, and actions updated
  • Extra-large widget added for iPad
  • Small, medium, and large widget sizes updated
  • Search bar added to emoji keyboard, and new popover keyboards and popover action sheet added for iPad
  • iPad Slide Over size and shadow updated
  • Table row actions added for sidebar and table views
  • Touch ID and Face ID components added
  • Single-card style modal view for iPhone and iPad added
  • Wheel-style date picker and time picker added
  • Appearance of Home Screen quick action menus updated
  • Multitasking indicator updated for iPad

Human Interface Guidelines Updated



Major updates:

  • SF Symbols now covers new rendering modes in SF Symbols 3 and includes enhanced guidelines for creating custom symbols
  • In-App Purchase now includes auto-renewable subscriptions guidance and offers guidelines for using system-provided refund and subscription-management flows
  • Widgets now covers Extra Large widgets for iPad and includes enhanced guidance throughout



Major updates:

  • Notifications now includes guidance for using new interruption levels to help people manage their notifications

tvOS Apple Design Resources Updated

Added new tvOS design kit including a Sketch Library, design templates, components sticker sheet, guides, and more.

  • Includes guides for system colors, system materials, and text styles
  • Includes all major tvOS components:
    • Content Rows
    • Grouped Section Headers
    • Keyboard
    • Library Rows
    • Notifications
    • Page Divider with Segmented Control
    • Page Headers
    • Page Indicator
    • Picture in Picture (PIP)
    • Row Headers
    • Segmented Controls
    • Sidebar Button
    • Tab Bar
    • Table View Buttons
    • Table View Rows
    • Text Buttons
    • Top Shelf Button
  • Includes numerous design templates, mostly mirroring what's provided by the system and TVML.
    • Alerts
    • Authentication
    • Content Collection
    • Content Compilation
    • Content Library
    • Content List
    • Control Center
    • Form Input
    • Home Screen
    • HUD Panel
    • Loading
    • Menu Bar
    • Parade
    • Picture in Picture (PIP)
    • Product
    • Product Bundle
    • Product Page
    • Rating
    • Search
    • Search Grid
    • Stack
    • Tabbed App
    • Top Shelf
    • TV App
    • Video Player

macOS Apple Design Resources Updated

Updated macOS design kit to Big Sur (Sketch only). Includes a Sketch Library, design templates, components sticker sheet, guides, and more.

  • Includes all major AppKit components:
    • Alerts
    • Arrow Buttons
    • Checkboxes
    • Circular Slider
    • Color Well
    • Combo Boxes
    • Cursors
    • Disclosure Buttons
    • Group Boxes
    • Help Buttons
    • Image Well
    • Lists
    • Menus
    • Notifications
    • Pop-Up Buttons
    • Popovers
    • Progress Indicators (Circular and Bar)
    • Pull Down Buttons
    • Push Buttons
    • Quick Look
    • Radio Buttons
    • Save Dialogs
    • Search Fields
    • Segmented Controls
    • Sheets
    • Sidebar
    • Sliders (Continuous, Ticked)
    • Stepper
    • Switches
    • Text Fields
    • Title Bars
    • Toggle Buttons
    • Toolbars
    • Tooltip
    • Windows
  • Includes guides for system colors, system materials, and text styles.